Aim: To foster team spirit, cohesion, and comradeship amongst a group of individuals

Method: Through a combination of lectures, interactive discussions, and group activities that provide opportunities to learn about yourself and the people you work with. Having fun is an integral part of our program geared towards your organization's specific needs and characteristics. We provide different levels of challenging events for you to choose from.


Three distinct levels:

  • Level One is a one-day session, which includes easy, interactive demonstrations and activities for all ages and ability levels. Presented at the workplace
  • Level Two is a one-day session, which includes physical activities completed indoors or outdoors, as weather permits. Presented away from workplace.
  • Level Three is an intensive two-day session which includes physical activities including sleeping in self-constructed shelters. Presented away from workplace.

Learning sessions: specialized discussions designed for each organization, such as discussing methods for dealing with workplace conflict or fundamentals for team problem solving.

Interactive discussions: Topics discussed at each level:

  • Definition of Teamwork
  • What Teamwork looks like
  • How to Maintain a Positive Team Attitude

Group Activities: range from simple problem solving exercises to rappelling down a rock face, or building a sweat lodge. Activities are custom designed to match up with the people involved, thereby ensuring maximum participation, learning, and fun.