The easiest and most cost effective way to avoid debilitating situations resulting from conflict within the workplace is prevention through education. Awareness training is available for all personnel at all levels. Awareness education provides supervisors and employees with the knowledge of what behaviors, comments etc. are unacceptable in today's workplace.


Conflict is the result of regular interaction between individuals. How it is perceived or handled determines what form it will take. By learning how to understand how conflict is created you become aware of how to address it, overcome it, and prevent it. A collaborative environment is by far more beneficial and productive for a corporate atmosphere than a poisoned one. The most common cause of conflict starts with communication or to be precise the lack of positive and effective communication. Recognition of this most common cause of conflict is the first step to improving the varied relationships that exist in your world today.


People have their beliefs, values, traditions, and understanding of what is or is not acceptable. By making supervisors and employees aware of what Canada, as a society through the Canadian Human Rights Act, deems to be harassment and discrimination an organization begins to protect itself and their people.

Personnel at all levels need to know what their responsibilities are and what to do. By ensuring an educated workplace organizations greatly reduce the chances of costly litigation, poor employee performance, customer relations, and loss of productivity. This means that a workplace that is free of these fearful and destructive practices, has workforce that is responsible and loyal to its organization, products and customers.


Conflict Prevention Services:

  • Avoiding Conflict Through Communication Seminar:
    Steve Critchley provides informative Awareness Training seminars, available to all personnel at all levels. These seminars highlight how good communication can prevent a simple misunderstanding from escalating into a damaging conflict within the workplace. How to turn a negative statement into a positive one. Make good communication skills work for you and reduce the stress that conflict can create.

    Seminars are approximately one hour in length, and can be adapted to meet your organization's concerns and mandate. Seminars are usually limited to twenty participants, however, this can be adjusted to fit each organizations individual needs.