Steve Critchley is a practicing mediator with international experience. He has taught the mediation programs overseas in the UK, Italy, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and Dubai.

During the Bosnian war, Steve witnessed human conflict at its worst. His experiences included negotiating with armed belligerents and establishing small local areas of trust and cooperation. Steve developed a belief that people can work together to achieve realistic and positive results.

Steve was also included in a select group from western Canada to undergo Mediation training as part of a pilot program co-coordinated by the Executive Director for Conflict Management responsible to the Federal Government. After completing the assignment of authoring a paper on Mediation, Steve achieved the third phase of the Mediator Qualification Program in July 2000.

Steve has acted as a Harassment Investigator, a Harassment Advisor, as well as an Assisting Officer for the Canadian Forces during harassment complaints and investigations. He started the Certificate Program in Conflict Management offered at the University of Calgary by the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society. In addition to private practice, Steve volunteers with Community Mediation Calgary Society and coaches and instructs for Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society.

Steve has been involved in mediations in Alberta Civil Court , private mediations between land owners and multi national energy companies, a $500m law suite, workplace harassment, abuse of authority, and for municipalities such as the City of Calgary.

Steve has been involved in large group mediations as well as difficult workplace conflicts.  These mediations have included directors, managers, Human Resources, Union officials, lawyers, advocates, foremen, supervisors, and laborers.   Issues have included harassment complaints, performance reviews, wrongful dismissal, and breakdown in communication and job performance.

Steve continues to work at the Federal, Provincial, State and local government level, as well as with private industry. This includes continued work with the energy sector, large multi-party concerns and international endeavours.




Dale Fisher’s passion is developing new oil & gas startups into viable, producing companies.  Over the last 15 years, Mr. Fisher has been a founding member of 3 new oil & gas exploration companies and a key player in starting up and growing several more.  Following a successful career as a Landman and District Manager with BP Resources and as Vice-President Land for OMV (Canada) Ltd., Mr. Fisher used his expertise in land acquisition and management to start up Westlinks Resources, a forerunner to today’s highly successful Enterra Energy Trust (now Equal Energy).  Within 4 years, Westlinks Resources grew into a publicly traded, producing oil & gas company.  Mr. Fisher then participated in the startup of Antrim Energy which grew into an international oil & gas company with exploration and production activities in South America, Africa, Europe and New Zealand.  His successes with Antrim Energy include negotiating a 3.5 million acre petroleum exploration license in Tanzania, as well as joint venture exploration agreements, production sharing agreements, strategic take-overs and a 6-country Trade, Purchase and Option Agreement, which were critical to the company’s success.  Due to his expertise in land acquisition and joint venture negotiations, Mr. Fisher was hired by Trident Exploration to start up and build a new coalbed methane gas exploration company to the producing stage. After his success with Trident, Mr. Fisher resigned to help found Peace Oil Corp. in 2005, a private Oil Sands startup.  As its President and Director, he used his expertise in corporate startups, creative financing, Crown land acquisitions and joint venture negotiations to finance and implement a successful oil sands exploration company. Third party engineering evaluation established significant oil reserves and the company was sold for a substantial profit. Since 2008, Mr. Fisher has worked as a Petroleum Business Consultant for Kaduna Energy Ltd., where he has consulted with various oil & gas exploration companies in the areas of land acquisition and joint venture negotiations.


Mr. Fisher’s credentials include a Master of Education in Mathematics, a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Certificate in Conflict Management.  Mr. Fisher has served as a Board Member of the Community Mediation Calgary Society and as a Sessional Instructor in Petroleum Negotiations at the University of Calgary. He has also presented workshops on negotiation strategies for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen Annual Conference, the PanCanadian Landman Institute and the Canadian Institute for Petroleum Industry Development.




Anne Seeley immigrated to Canada from England in 1974 with a Commerce Degree, working in the oil industry and for a project management company. She then joined the Calgary Olympic Development Association team, with responsibilities in Media Relations, Guest Services, Marketing and Operations.  Anne has also worked as an Advertising Sales Manager in the Newspaper industry.


Anne obtained her Certificate in Conflict Resolution from Mount Royal College in 1997, and in September 1998 became employed by the Better Business Bureau as Mediation Service Provider for Alberta Justice, coordinating over 2,000 Mediations for the Provincial Court Civil Division Mediation Program.


Anne is also a Service Provider for the EUB, ADR Program, which involves Multi-Party mediations. As a Mediator herself, Anne has mediated 65 Mediations for the Provincial Court Program with a 78% success rate, has conducted private mediations, and facilitates mediations for Calgary Community Mediation.


Anne is a member and coaches for the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society (AAMS) and for Mount Royal College. Anne’s work in the Provincial Court has uniquely qualified her to assess the suitability of a case for mediation, and to educate and advise participants about the mediation process.